Jul 18

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Friday, July 18, 2014 

Dont Be Caught Out

As we are fast approaching the time of year where Photographers see the largest amount of people, now is the time to make sure you have enough marketing material to see you through. Do you have enough business cards to be able to hand out 50 at a time a wedding? Are you in a position to promote your business through our Bragging Books or Portfolio Flyers?

Here at Vision Impress we aim to supply you with superb printing and finishing across all our products and that, coupled with a minimum run of 50 on some products, is why we are fast becoming the photographic industries marketing materials supplier of choice.

"OK Vision Impress... I like it... Do you have a deal for me"

You drive a hard bargain but yes, WE DO have something that will interest you

Don’t you hate it when the product that MOST interests you ISN'T on promotion, or you see a promotion that just is a company trying to get rid of slow selling product... we do here at Vision Impress... so WE have decided to promote our most wanted and best selling products.

Promotion 1

Promotion 2

Promotion 3

IF you are already buying these products, then have a great deal on us... if not, but you've seen them and have never quite had the time or push to do it... SURELY NOW IS THAT TIME?

Here's our deal on the showcased products above:

Order 1 product receive 10% off
Order 2 products receive 30% off
Order 3 products receive 30% off

The Important Bit - the 'How to' and the Magic Codes

Simply register/login to the VisionImpress website, create your product(s) and enter the relevant promotional voucher code at checkout.

Promotion 1

Promotion 2

Promotion 3

Based on only ordering our MINIMUM QUANTITIES, see below for an example of how cost effective, even with all the extra’s Vision Impress gives you, dealing with us can be.

50 Std Business Cards = £12.00

50 Bragging Books = £25.00

50 Portfolio Flyers = £38.00

Total would be £75.00

This would qualify for the highest discount of 30% as all featured products have been ordered.

Giving you all the above product for just under £70, including VAT and delivery!


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