In order to qualify with the BIPP you:

  • Must be earning money from your images.
  • You must be professionally insured, with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

There are three qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, skill and achievement.

  • Licentiateship (LBIPP)
    Entry level qualification, showing an established professional level of skill and competence
  • Associateship (ABIPP)
    A high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability
  • Fellowship (FBIPP)
    Attainable for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity

We recommend candidates seek guidance on preparing their submission from one of our approved Assessors at a Portfolio Review.  Portfolio Reviews are available around the country and provide the opportunity to discuss work before committing to a qualification assessment.

Candidates need to decide the category of photography they wish to submit, complete a submission form and submit a portfolio of images alongside supporting evidence.  This work is reviewed by a panel of assessors.

Assessment Dates are set throughout the year, however specialist panels (eg forensic, armed forces, scientific, etc) may be assessed at any point throughout the year. A list of upcoming assessment dates can be found here.

Also copies of the Qualification Guides can be downloaded here.

If you’re interested in gaining a professional qualification click here for further information or contact cpd@bipp.com                             

Your BIPP Qualification is dependent on you being a current member of the BIPP. A qualification submission must be accompanied by a completed membership application form. For more information on becoming a member of the BIPP visit our Membership page