The final results for the 2023 World Photographic Cup competition were announced live from the ceremony in Singapore earlier this week. Mexico was this year’s winner, with Australia in second and team USA in third. I’m proud to say that GB came 7th overall. This is the highest result we have ever had in the competition and shows that we are moving closer to the coveted top three podium positions.

Special mentions must go out to Tony Moore, who achieved 6th place in the Nature/Landscape category, Zaki Charles with 4th place in Weddings and finally, David Keep, who achieved an amazing 1st place Gold medal position in Nature/Wildlife. This continues a great tradition for team GB, as we have dominated the Wildlife category for the past few years. 

View all the winning entries here

I want to personally thank everyone in team GB for the best set of images in the competition. Well done to everyone, and thank you so much for your hard work, talent and commitment.

Team GB Captain
Richard Bradbury FBIPP

Image displayed: David Keep | Gold Medal, Nature / Wildlife