Regional Groups


Regional groups are a cornerstone of what makes the BIPP a prosperous and united collective of professional photographers. They allow members to stay connected, informed and receive support regularly on a local level. Each region has an elected Chair responsible for organising local meetings, events, and competitions throughout the year, which are run voluntarily with the support of the Head Office.

As a member, your assigned local region offers you a place to socialise, network, learn and grow as a photographer in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere full of like-minded people. Whether it's camera workshops that focus on teaching technical skills or experts speakers sharing insight into their experiences within the industry, regional groups provide a broad array of sessions that cater to all sectors within photography.



  • Network 
  • Socialise 
  • Develop skills 
  • Find support 
  • Increase knowledge  
  • Discover opportunities


Regional Print Competion 


The Regional Print Competition for the first round of digital entries will be open from the 1st of April 2021 to 31st May 2021. Due to COVID-19, we have decided to put both rounds via our online platform negating the need for prints.  The top three scoring images from each region will automatically go through to the nationals FOC. The cost is £5 per image for BIPP members and £10 per image for non-members.

Before you can enter your images you will need to have a member profile on the competition site. Files should be submitted at least 4,000 px on the longest side (no borders, keylines, watermarks or identifying information should be included).

Now Closed