The Office Team


Based at our offices in Preston, Lancashire, the Office Team are responsible for the day to day running of the BIPP.  


Martin Baynes
Chief Executive Officer

Joel Hansen
Editor & Communications  Manager


The BIPP HQ - The Artistry House




The BIPP team combines experienced photographers and industry experts from across different sectors within our trade. Each person brings specialist skills and experience to our organisation, and collectively, the team represents the highest standard of photography and knowledge within our industry. Representing professionalism and providing a voice for photographers is imperative to the ethos of the BIPP. 

We feel strongly about giving members in our organisation a say in who sits on the BIPP Board by providing a voting system that allows members to elect who governs them and ensures us, as a business, the utmost transparency and accountability.







Martin Baynes

After leaving school and studying a Btec in Photography, I travelled all over the world as a ship photographer. On returning to the UK and working in some direct sales roles, I got my dream job of being back in photography, mixed with sales, spending the next 12 years working at Spicer Hallfield. I held different senior positions, including general sales manager with a large sales team and support staff.  Then head hunted to Graphistudio, spending 12 years as the UK sales and marketing director of this very successful Italian company, helping roll out new products and cutting edge software.  In 2019 I successfully applied for the CEO role heading up the BIPP, an incredibly rewarding and challenging role. My passion is off-road endure motorbike riding.


Jon Cohen

Born and bred in Manchester, I studied biochemistry before (thankfully!) being introduced to the world of photography by my father, a research scientist working on emulsions with Ilford at the time. Early jobs at Foxall and Chapman, a pro dealer in Manchester and Fujimex in Swindon were a nice lead into work at Fujifilm. The evolution of Fujifilm from film and print to a global entity in imaging, healthcare and many other areas made it massively interesting and enjoyable. For pleasure and leisure I really enjoy being up in the hills and mountains, a bit of travelling, especially in the Highlands and Islands, Japan and the USA, Tai Chi and Qigong for relaxation and I have been known to turn out a decent sourdough.


Monir Ali

Photography has always been a big part of my life from the time I was given my Uncle’s old Pentax AG. I first joined the BIPP mid-career after bouncing around various other trade associations. When I signed up as a member of the Institute,  it felt I was at home – from the learning, getting my qualification, to the people I met.
For me, the BIPP provides an opportunity for us to develop personally as well as raise the bar for our industry regardless of what sector you fall in. I specialise in two areas of photography: Asian & Cultural wedding photography and food photography. 


Barrie Spence

I became a BIPP member in March 2019 to grow my network of professional peers and make friends within the industry. I’m a portrait photographer and primarily studio-based – it’s Scotland, reliably usable weather can be a challenge. My portraiture includes dance and headshots (on the commercial side) and the usual family/dog work on the social side. 
I received my first qualification (QEP) in October 2019 and then my ABIPP in September 2020 – I value my qualifications immensely, but I don’t use them to define me. I want the organisation to grow. I want connection and community. 


Lucy Newson

A Rural Lifestyle Photographer, I capture families who live the country life; curating artwork and large family albums with the intention of them becoming family heirlooms in the future. After becoming a member of The BIPP in 2019 (aged 20), achieving my Licentiateship and entering awards, I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent and provide a voice for the younger members of the institute. I am passionate about the photography industry; and write regular articles for a well known magazine, to encourage photographers to turn professional. I'm innovative, hard working, happy, approachable and powered by To Do Lists - all attributes that I believe will make a strong director. I am a proud member of The BIPP; and it is an honour to be a part of building its future.


Jessica McGovern

Jess is a Creative working at the highest level in business, marketing and photography through her two successful businesses, a photography education platform and a marketing and design agency. As a CIM Level 6 qualified multi-channel strategic marketer, established graphic designer, 2018 nominee for CodeGirls, one of Hull’s Inspirational Women in Tech and multi-award-winning Portrait Photographer, Jess is skilled across a wide variety of mediums and is also a dog parent to 4 hairy bears who she works with, trains and competes year-round in dog agility. A regular in board meetings for international organisations and on the backend of websites you know and love, you might also find her with her horse Tuna, hosting workshops, speaking on stages or judging photographic competitions around the globe.


Paul Reiffer

Paul still holds on to his Kodak Disc 6000 8mm camera from his childhood, when his father had a dark room in the attic of his home on the south coast of England. Having “gone corporate” for many of his early years, today he produces iconic landscapes and cityscape photography for some of the world’s best known brands - from international hotel chains and airlines to imaging clients such as National Geographic and IMAX. As one of Phase One’s global ambassadors and teachers, he’s travelled for most of his photographic career, shooting ultra high-resolution medium-format images from some of the most stunning places around the world.

Editor & Comms

Joel Hansen

I'm an independent thinker, journalist, photographer, digital marketer, and multi-media creative who operates freelance over North West, England. Over ten years in my field, my employment has taken me internationally to work in different media-based roles and projects for world-renowned companies and brands. I am passionate about promoting social change through grassroots movements and exploring ideas that evolve how society communicates, collaborates, and innovates through media. Outside of my profession, I enjoy the cinema, exercising, music and podcasts.


John Miskelly 

John is both a Chartered Accountant and a professional landscape photographer. He was previously a Partner in RSM, with responsibility for corporate finance and financial consulting, prior to setting up his own boutique consultancy business Integra Business Consultants in July 2011. He has a significant amount of experience in both the public and private sectors, including over 20 years of board level experience, in both SME’s and large Plc’s. He provides on-going support to both government and private sector clients, focusing on strategic advisory, governance, restructuring and corporate finance roles. John has also worked extensively as a non-executive director, including both national and international charities.  In terms of his photography, John produces fine art landscape images for his clients, who include various tourism bodies in the UK and Ireland, as well as corporate clients and charities. He also runs several workshops. As a printing specialist and a Canson Infinity Ambassador, in addition to inkjet printing using specialist inks, John has been working in platinum/palladium and continues to produce limited edition prints.