Professional Photography Awards 

The BIPP Professional Photography Awards are held annually and present a fantastic opportunity for photographers far and wide to compete for the renowned 'Photographer of the Year Award'.  Alongside this, the Professional Photography Awards include various categories such as; Visual Arts; Commercial, Science & Technology and Wedding & Portrait. 

The awards are open to Provisional & Qualified Members, Friends Members and Non-Members.

Professional Photography Awards 2019 - CLOSED

Deadline: 25th January 2019


  • Wedding & Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Science & Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Non-commissioned
  • Friend
  • Provisional
  • Open (non-members)

With the exception of ‘Non-commissioned’, these categories are for images produced with commercial intent, and they must have been commissioned or available to purchase or exhibit. If you are no longer in practice, please consider the ‘Non-commissioned’ category.

Open To:

  • Qualified BIPP Members – enter for your chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award, and the opportunity to be the BIPP International Photographer of the Year 2019 
  • Provisional BIPP Members – gain valuable experience as you work towards your qualification by entering these international awards.  You could be the BIPP’s Provisional Photographer of the Year!
  • Friends of the BIPP – your chance to enter professional standard international awards – and be titled BIPP Friend of the Year – a great way to kickstart your career in photography.
  • Professional Photographers who are not BIPP Members – BIPP always looks outside of the box – make the most of this opportunity to have your work judged against some of the very best in the profession – you could win the BIPP Open!

Selecting & Printing Your Images:

  • Entry is by a portfolio of 5 prints.
  • The work should be fresh and creative 
  • Each set of five images must sit together as a portfolio.
  • You can enter any category as many times as you like.  
  • Each portfolio entry must consist of 5 (10 x 8 or A4) prints, numbered 1-5.  
  • An image may only be used once within the competition.
  • Entries must have been taken within 5 years of the entry date of the competition. 
  • No text or way of identifying you, as the photographer, must be seen on the front of the image.
  • An image can bleed to the edge of the paper or have a thin key line around, with a white or black border.  No other mounting or overlay is required.
  • Any shortlisted photographers will be asked for a high res digital file after the first round of judging.
  • The judges are explicitly looking for fresh, creative work, but some of the factors in their decisions will include: Image content, subject matter, interpretation, composition, centre of interest, perspective, direction, use of & control of light, style, expression, narrative, print quality, tonal range, graphic stability, design, texture, workmanship and technique.
  • By entering the Awards, you acknowledge that permission has been obtained for that entry to be published and exhibited by BIPP and any necessary copyright or release has been obtained. 

Naming Your Images:

  • We would suggest that you title each portfolio that you enter.  Please also number the individual images 1-5, so the judges can view them in the correct order.  
  • Any incorrectly labelled entry will be disqualified, as will any which exceed the maximum entry requirement or are deemed to have been placed in the wrong category.

Completing Your Entry Form & Paying: 

  • A completed entry form must be included with each portfolio.
  • Each portfolio is £15 plus vat (total of £18) and should consist of 5 images.  eg, if entering a portfolio in Commercial and a portfolio in Visual Arts,  you would send in two portfolios of 5 images (10 images in total) and the charge would be £36.
  • If you would like to enter more than 8 portfolios, please call the office on 01296 642020 to pay for your entries over the phone.
  • You must read the full rules before entering.

Posting Them Off!

International Entries - ensure your package is marked 'Temporary Importation - Exhibition Material. No Commercial Value'.  BIPP cannot be responsible for VAT/Customs duty on packages with a declared value.

Post your prints, payment to:

BIPP 2019 Awards 
Ardenham Court
Oxford Road
HP19 8HT

Deadline: 25th January 2019


  • Check every portfolio is labelled correctly and in the correct category.
  • Check none of the images have been entered into another national competition. 
  • Check you have full permission to use the image and have obtained all necessary releases. 
  • Check you have read the full rules of the competition.
  • Check your images will reach BIPP by 5pm on 20 December 2018 at the latest!

LASTLY – remember that we want to see that ‘wow factor’ with fresh, creative work – please take your time in choosing your portfolios.
Good luck!


  • BIPP reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to meet the criteria or, in its opinion, may breach or contravene legal guidelines on public decency or may otherwise bring the photographer or the BIPP into disrepute.  Any costs incurred by the BIPP in such a situation will be reimbursed by the photographer. 
  • All entries must have been taken by the person named on the identification label.
  • BIPP Members & Friends must be in current membership during the entry period, through to and including the presentations. 
  • Entries that have already been entered into any other national or international competition cannot be submitted (including those of other associations). 
  • The entrant must have been the official photographer for the shoot from which the image originates.
  • Entries produced on workshops/training courses (as a delegate) cannot be submitted. 
  • BIPP reserves the right to use any image, and the photographer’s details, for publicity purposes. 
  • BIPP will take all reasonable care in handling entries, but can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however caused. 
  • It is the photographer's responsibility to ensure all appropriate criteria are met.
  • No entries will be returned, unless you expressly wish them to be and you pay the full cost of postage and packing.
  • By entering the Awards, non-members agree that BIPP may contact you from time to time regarding our services. If you do not wish to be contacted in this way, please email, with your details, using the subject heading ‘do not contact’.
  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Information correct at time of publication - BIPP reserves the right to change any of the above without prior notice. 


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