Frequently Asked Questions

I have a complaint about a photographer - what should I do?

Take a look at the BIPP's information on complaints. If you still have any queries, call BIPP on 01296 642020.

Can I copy my wedding photos?

If they were taken by someone else, who hasn't given you permission to copy them, then no. Copyright (the right to copy things) remains with the photographer, unless they have agreed a release of the copyright (usually through the 'licensing' of certain images). This is a legal right - the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1998 gives photographers legal rights to their images. You'll be breaking the law if you copy them without permission. For more information visit BIPP's page on copyright.

Use our free search tool, Find A Photographer. You can search by postcode, county or the type of photography you need - try commercial/industrial, event or general practice.

There are so many different types of photography, it is difficult to know where to start. It really depends on how much experience and knowledge you currently have. A great place to start is the Creative Skillset website ( They are the sector skills council for creative media, and have vast amounts of career information for people looking to become professional photographers. There is also information on various courses - please make sure that if you're thinking of studying, the course is validated or accredited. This might be through a university or through a body like Creative Skillset.

Most photographers will come up against this at some time in their career. The key is to act professionally at all times and to listen to your client. They may have genuine cause for concern, so be prepared to at least meet them half way. Face to face contact is the best and quickest way to get this sorted. Remember, on average, an unhappy client will tell at least 9 people about the problems they've had. A client who received a professional, efficient service, even when encountering a problem, will tell people how well you handled everything.

Professional insurance is also a vital part of a photographer's business. BIPP members receive substantial discounts from the leading photographic insurance intermediary in Europe.