Regional Awards

Welcome to the BIPP Regional Awards page.  Every year each Region holds it's own Awards presenting a chance for photographers in that area to showcase their creativity in a number of different image categories.  Listed below are the current awards that are open for entries.  At the bottom of the page you can see the image archive, where you can take your time to browse through previous year's winning images.

Recent Awards

North East Regional Awards 2017 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

South East Regional Awards 2016

North West Regional Awards 2016

Cotswold Regional Awards 2016

Image Archive

South West Region Awards 2016

South East Region Awards 2015

Yorkshire Region Awards 2015

South West Region Awards 2015 

North East Region Awards 2014

South East Region Awards 2014

North West Region Awards 2014

North East Region Awards 2013

South East Region Awards 2013