BIPP Guide to Resolving Issues

Unfortunately, despite the best preparations, sometimes things do go wrong. The important thing is how to remedy the situation quickly and to the satisfaction of everyone involved. 

Firstly, if there is a problem at any point, speak to the photographer in the first instance to try and resolve the issue. Where possible try and meet face to face and discuss the problem. Most issues can be resolved at this stage.

If you're still unhappy, write down your issues, explaining what you'd like to see as an end result, give the photographer an adequate amount of time to respond and give them the opportunity of responding to you. Occasionally, issues will spiral. It's important to hold on to the key reasons you're unsatisfied.

If you wish to make a complaint against your photographer, BIPP can only be involved if the photographer who took your photographs is a Current Qualified BIPP member. If this is the case please follow the Complaint Procedure below.

If the photographer is not a member, you could contact your local Trading Standards office or Citizens Advice Bureau. They will be able to advise you on the best way forward.

The most important consideration is always to strive for a solution which is fair to both parties, as quickly as possible.

Complaint Procedure

The Institute is empowered to provide an opinion when the quality of photography taken by a Current Qualified Member is in question. 

Please download the BIPP Complaint Procedure below.

BIPP Complaint Procedure