21st November 2019 from 3pm
Woodland Grange, Old Milverton Lane, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 6RN

Annual General Meeting 2019 + Saraya Cortaville Presentation

Dear Member,

I am really pleased to announce that after our Annual General Meeting and before our social event, our president Saraya Cortaville FBIPP is going to give a 50-minute Presentation on her amazing work and being a member of the BIPP.

Please see agenda below.

  • 15.00 AGM 2019
  • 16.30 Saraya Cortaville FBIPP Presentation
  • 17.30 Social Meet and Greet
  • 18.00 Food Served
  • 20.00 Close

RSVP PLEASE to admin@bipp.com so we can arrange food for the correct numbers - thank you!


The AGM Agenda:

  • Receive apologies for absence.
  • Receive minutes from AGM held 28th November 2018.
  • Receive the BIPP Annual Report for year ended 31st March 2019.
  • Reappointment of Harbinson Mulholland as BIPP accountants for the forthcoming year.
  • Recap of past year, current state of affairs and discussion of plans for 2020.
  • Discussion and vote on the proposed changes to the BIPP’s Articles of Association.

Official proceedings will start at 3pm with the most important part of the agenda the discussion and vote on the proposed changes to the Institute’s Articles of Association.

After the AGM there will be some food laid-on for attendees, making it an ideal opportunity for some networking and socialising, to put your questions to one of the Institute’s directors, or our CEO Martin Baynes.

Of course, all members are welcome. If you are intending to come along then dropping us a quick note to admin@bipp.com would help us to plan the right amount of food.

Proposed changes to the Articles of Association

Martin wrote to you a few weeks ago informing you about some changes that we are proposing to make to the BIPP’s Articles of Association. These changes (drafted by John Miskelly FBIPP) aim to bake-in some of the work we’ve been doing to bring more decision making back to the membership, ensuring the BIPP’s structure remains both democratic and transparent, and allowing a robustly selected group of directors to have proper oversight over the Institute’s management and finances.
Thank you so much for all your feedback, it has been digested and taken on-board. John has updated his summary and the Articles themselves to reflect the latest ideas and thinking. 

Please download and read through John’s latest summary, as well as the latest version of the Articles to get a full picture of the latest changes.

The proposed changes will be debated and voted on at the BIPP’s Annual General Meeting on November 21st. We encourage interested members to come along, contribute to the discussion and make their opinion count at the AGM.

As always, many thanks for your time and attention.
I look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM on the 21st!

Martin Baynes.