Working with British Institute of Professional Photography 

The Institute is always looking for ways to increase support for professional photographers. We do this by creating associations with organisations, companies and suppliers. 


Company Affiliation

  • We offer an annual programme, providing leading companies within the photographic industry opportunities to reach our professional photographers.  

Preferential Deals for Members 
  • Members of the British Institute of Professional Photography are offered a number of discounts on goods and services.

Advertising in the Photographer Magazine

  • A stunning magazine produced 4 times per year for Members. For details on prices for advertising and working with the magazine please contact   

Events and Awards Sponsorship 

  • Our National Awards are a key event in the profession, attracting national media attention. We also run events around the UK and are able to offer various opportunities for sponsorship. 

Colleges and Universities

Approved Centres 

  • Photography students of today are the future of the profession. Therefore some of the most respected photographic courses in the UK offer their students the opportunity to gain their British Institute of Professional Photography professional qualification alongside their academic achievements. 

Affiliated Courses 

  • Although the some Colleges do not operate the British Institute of Professional Photography Approval Scheme, they do run courses recognised by the Institute. 


Voluntary Work 

  • The lifeblood of the British Institute of Professional Photography is the time and energy given by our many volunteers. These Members help in a variety of ways: from organising regional events and activities, to later becoming an elected member of our Membership Services Advisory Board. 

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed here please contact the office on 01772 367 968.