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Why book a professional photographer?


If you have arrived at our website, you already know how important it is to book a professional photographer.  Here at the British Institute of Professional Photography, our photographers have been through a rigorous process of training and mentoring. Their work has been reviewed by some of the best photographers in the world and they have shown that they have a sustainable, robust business, and of course the technical ability that you would expect from any professional.  

At the BIPP we have checked that each qualified member has the correct level of insurance, holds a health and safety policy and has the ability to have a good workflow; giving businesses and the public consumers of photography the confidence of knowing they will be hiring a technically accomplished and professional photographer.

Website images represent your brand 

It is often very tempting to take your own images to save on time and costs. This can actually in the long run cost you far more time and money by not hiring a professional, resulting in low quality images and creating the wrong impression of you and your business. Your website is your shop window, make it one that potential customers want to look at. 


Your photographer will know, how to get the best from your images, from the best lens to use, the most flattering lights to use. They will give advice on best time of day to shoot, where the sun sets, what to wear etc. All the way through to professionally edited images, that will be sized exactly the way you need them for whatever purpose the images are intended. 


A professional photographer has put many years of training onto learning their craft. They know their equipment inside and out.  True professionals are constantly updating their equipment and techniques. They never stop learning and moving forward. 

Your customers want to get to know you 

While stock photos are certainly helpful for some purposes, they are not the best way to showcase your business. You really should be showing images of you and your business and stand out from the crowd. Create the right impression. Show off your business, your team, your products and you.

Professional Images can get you seen on the web 

Your business is found through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Images can make your website content more powerful and engaging, thus enhancing how you are seen and found on the web. Optimised images can help your website get found in the image results like 'Google Images' and perform better in the overall search results. Profession high quality images is crucial for the user experience side of SEO.

Imagery can enhance your brand identity 

A professional photographer knows the best angles and lighting to be used which in turn will create  and establish a solid brand identity. 


A professional photographer will ensure they have done research on your business and its needs, ensuring a consultation takes place and giving you an overall brief on what will work for you. It is the job of a photographer to deliver images that will impact your potential clients, improving your positioning on the web. 

Backup Equipment 

You can’t legislate for things going wrong. However should this happen, a professional photographer will have this covered by having backup equipment and lighting and whatever else is necessary.

Getting your business featured 

By having professional images of your business, not only are you more likely to get noticed by potential clients, you also increase your chance of having your images and business featured in publications.  

Backup of Images 

In our virtual world, what happens when you lose all your images?  A professional photographer will generally keep a backup copy of your images, so not all is lost.

Your Photographer Insured

We all know that sometimes things can go wrong. As part of the checks we carry out on our members, we ensure that our photographers have current insurance. So rest assured that when you hire a BIPP qualified member they have the correct cover, which will include 'public liability' and/or 'professional indemnity' insurance.