Let’s start again, if we can,


You probably already know the British Institute of Professional Photography, but you might not know that a lot has changed here in the past two years. I’m certain that joining the membership now will help you grow creatively, commercially and collectively within your craft. Hear me out before you decide...


With that in mind, and for the month of March only, I wanted to share the offer of 15 months membership for the price of 12. That means you’ll save £56.25 over the course of 15 months, investing only £14.06 a month.


For simplicity, that’s:

Save £56.25 | Pay only £14.06 a month 

Offer Ends March 31st

* Please note that BIPP qualifications for Associate and Fellowship are print-only qualifications. You can click here to skip the rest and apply today, but in case you want to know more, here are some important points:

* If you are a past BIPP member then you can rejoin and we will reinstate any existing qualifications, waiving the standard admin charge.

* If you are a Master Photographer Association member, we will reciprocate a Licentiate and Associate qualifications as-is to the equivalent LBIPP or ABIPP.

* For those holding a Fellowship with the MPA, we would offer a free qualification assessment in our next qualification cycle (and ABIPP in the meantime).

* If you’re a qualified member of another organisation, we can offer you a discounted qualification session.


So if you want to be a part of a photography association that genuinely puts members first, is filled with like-minded professionals, has an established legacy of over 120 years and allows you to become a qualified and accredited professional photographer in a globally recognised association, all you need to do is hit that button below:

Join Today


Please note that BIPP qualifications for Associate and Fellowship are print-only qualifications.