The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) Qualifications provide an internationally recognised benchmark in professional photography.  To successfully achieve a qualification, candidates submit a Panel of 20 images and accompanying supporting evidence to be assessed against exacting standards.

There are three qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, skill and achievement:

Licentiateship (LBIPP)

Associateship (ABIPP)

Fellowship (FBIPP)


In order to apply for a professional qualification with the British Institute of Professional Photography you will need to meet the following rules:

1.     You must be a member of The British Institute of Professional Photography
2.     You must earn a living in the creative and media market sector as a creator of your own photography or video
3.     You must fulfil the necessary requirements in technical and creative skills to achieve the Institute’s professional standard
4.     You must satisfy the requirements for sound and professional business practice
5.     You must accept and uphold the British Institute of Professional Photography Code of Professional Conduct
6.     You must be professionally insured, with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

LBIPP Applications can be made online or at one of our assessment days in print. See awards.bipp.com for further details
Showing a consistent professional level of skill and competence in all aspects of photography; including the use of light, composition and image cropping.  20 images will demonstrate the photographer is consistent across a number of genres of photography or proficient in a specialised subject.
A client will be confident in knowing they have booked a professional photographer who shows good all-round skills.  Supporting evidence will show that the photographer has a sustainable business model, taking into account health and safety and evidence that the business operates in a way that can be associated with British Institute of Professional Photography.

Assessment Method
Online Application - submission of 20 digital images and supporting evidence 
Printed Application - Candidate to attend

Submission of 20 images. Supporting evidence to be supplied digitally.. 

Please Note: with a printed panel it is possible to be upgraded to Associateship if the work is deemed to be of Associate standard by the assessment team.

ABIPP  is a high standard of craftsmanship, including the use of light, composition, image framing and cropping. The assessors are looking for a high level of skill and ability. The panel of images should reflect a growing style, look or brand that the photographer has started to develop.
Creating and developing a consistent post production style should be evident. Demonstration of good ability in preparing files for print, including knowledge for output and the correct choice of printing media. 
The panel should hang together as a solid piece of work.

Assessment Method
Submission of a printed portfolio of 20 images

Supporting evidence as with LBIPP needs to show a robust and sustainable business model, supplied digitally, however this can be printed should you wish to do so.

FBIPP Technical ability at the highest level, crafting images to an uncompromised standard. Demonstrating excellent all-round technical ability, preparation and production of flawless mounted prints clearly showing personalised style and creativity. 

Each image should be able to stand alone as a piece of work but also work together as a body of images, showing a strong vision of creativity. 

Assessment Method
Submission of a printed panel of 20 images,. Supporting evidence to be supplied digitally. Attendance at a qualification day is compulsory. 

BIPP Qualifications September 2020


Overall size of prints 20”x16” inclusive of mount. 
Prints can be either flush mounted or window mounted.  
If you choose window mounts, the Image can be any orientation. Within the mount each image must have one side of at least 10”
Mounts can be any colour or any material.

With all printed panels, you will have to present your panel in a brief opening statement to the assessors.
In the event you are unable to attend, a return payment will be added to your application fee; please call for price.
The decision of the Assessors is final and binding.
The copyright of all images submitted remains with the copyright holder. 
However the BIPP reserves the right to use any of the images submitted, without payment, for display and publicity purposes for this and future BIPP marketing. 

It is vital that the candidate obtains the permission of the client and/or the copyright holder and any relevant model release forms, where appropriate before submitting the work.
Please check qualification guide for information on supporting evidence