The ongoing battle for gender equali­ty in the workplace remains fundamental in society’s progression into an open, inclusive and democratic place where all individuals can prosper within their chosen fields. Although macho bravado and gender bias seem archaic for most of us, it is still commonplace in industries across the globe – and the photography sector is no exception, as the trend of male domination is still visible in a career behind the lens.

In June 2020, a positive shift towards equality within the photography sector came when one of our board of directors, Karen Massey, was elected as the Vice­President of the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP). First picking up a camera back in 2004 at age 34, Karen has excelled within the industry after beginning her career later in life and is now specialist in wedding, portrait and the corporate sectors of photography. Alongside this, Karen has become a leading figure for women photographers.

in the UK after starting an organisation in August 2019 called RISE, which supports aspiring female photographers to develop and grow their businesses successfully.
The organisation also gives women a greater voice within the photography industry – that has had a history of being, and still is, predominately male­driven. Becoming a member of the BIPP in January 2019, Karen joined the board of directors in March 2020. In May this year, Karen went on to be elected as a director of the FEP where she represents the UK  alongside 33 other European countries that support over 50,000 professional photographers. After sitting on the board for just a matter of weeks, Karen was elected Vice­President in June this 

Karen says: “It’s an honour to be elected as Vice­President at the FEP – I’ve long respected and admired the organisation as a professional photographer. To me, the organisation demonstrates the very best talent within the sector, and I’m excited to represent the UK and bring awareness to opportunities available for photographers from across Europe.”Martin Baynes commented: “Karen has been fantastic in her role as a director at BIPP and is playing a crucial role campaigning for gender equality for female photographers throughout the country. I look forward to continuing to work closely with FEP and Karen to create projects, competitions and exhibitions that showcase the highest standards of photography
from across the continent.”

President of the FEP, Truls Jan Løtvedt said: “I am delighted that FEP has strengthened its engagement with BIPP. I believe we’re heading towards an exciting time with lots of challenges for our newly elected board. And now, additionally having Karen Massey as our new Vice-President fills me with confidence knowing her enthusiasm for the job, and also because of the insight, experience and skills she will bring to the position. Karen’s role will involve corresponding with photographers that relate to her skillset and fields of interest, along with supporting FEP in more formal parts of the organisation. I’m looking forward to working with Karen in the coming years and having such a respected figure as an ambassador for the FEP.”