Clouds Over England, compiled and edited by Hugh Gault, is a captivating photography book that beautifully captures the ever-changing tapestry of clouds and weather patterns that grace the English skies. Featuring a collection of amateur photographs, including contributions from Gault himself, this book offers a unique perspective on the diverse range of cloud formations observed across the country.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Clouds Over England is its emphasis on showcasing the talent of amateur photographers. By including images captured on camera phones, the book breaks away from traditional notions of professional photography and demonstrates that anyone with a keen eye and a passion for the subject matter can capture stunning moments.

The time frame of the photographs, spanning from November 2021 to October 2022, adds an element of temporal depth to the collection. It allows the reader to experience the changing seasons and the corresponding atmospheric variations that occur throughout the year. From serene summer skies to moody autumnal cloudscapes, each photograph paints a vivid picture of the ever-shifting weather conditions that shape the English landscape.

The book’s layout and design are elegant and unobtrusive, allowing the photographs to take centre stage. The quality of the printing ensures that the images are reproduced with clarity and fidelity, conveying the subtle nuances of colour and texture present in the original photographs. Additionally, the book’s organisation by seasons and regions provides a sense of structure that enhances the overall reading experience.

Clouds Over England is a delightful celebration of the magnificence found in the everyday skies of England. Through the lens of amateur photographers, this book captures the awe-inspiring power and transient nature of clouds, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.