BIPP’s European partner association, the Federation of European Photographers (FEP), marks a historic year for their 2023 FEP Awards. The competition has existed since 2010, and a different photographer has won each year; only now have they received their first two-time winner, André Boto of Portugal, who won the first title back in 2010.

Over 300 European photographers submitted images to the FEP Awards, which was no easy task for the FEP Chairman Johan Brouwers and his team of 30 international judges, who evaluated all of the images entered. Still, as always, they worked hard to complete the task, and you can now see the results of their work in the incredible selection of winning images. 

Chairman Brouwers comments: “It is clear an unstoppable wave of new technologies has entered into the FEP competition. Thanks to AI, the digital images category has seen tremendous growth, and this was also visible in other categories such as commercial, illustrative and even fashion and portrait.”

The awards took place in the RockOpera theatre in beautiful and historic Prague. Man of the evening was undoubtedly André Boto, a finalist in a whopping 6 of the competition’s 12 categories and gathered 3 medals, one of each colour: gold, silver and bronze. 

Also notable was the success of a first-time participant Arun Mohanraj from the UK, who achieved 3 Golden Camera awards.

Brouwers says: “For the first time in my five-year presidency of the FEP Awards, we had to wait until the very last votes came in before it was clear who the overall winner would be. The competition has never been closer.”

You can see a gallery of all 12 golden camera winners as well as other winners here

In addition to the finalist position, single images received awards, which you can view here

During the FEP Awards ceremony, the FEP Young Photographer Award winners were also announced. The “FYPA” is a competition aimed explicitly at young photographers under the age of 30.

The winner for this year is Jonas Michler from Germany, he was already among the finalists of the competition in the past, but this year he upgraded himself to the top position.

Congratulations to all of our 2023 winners!

Photo credit: Ondřej Kalmán