A multi-award-winning photographer and BIPP Fellow, Paul Reiffer is hosting the first BIPP Image Critique of 2022.
The critique is a chance for you to receive feedback and insights on your photographs from a leading professional to help you develop, improve and refine your craft.
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Images © Paul Reiffer 

About Paul: 

Paul has travelled across the world, capturing people, landscapes, and commercial images for various global brands such as National Geographic and British Airways. Highly regarded across the industry and recognised by multiple photography associations, Paul’s creative style and technical understanding of photography deliver incredibly high-quality images that capture the earth’s most natural wonders to breathtaking man-made structures.

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What you need to know to enter:

A maximum of 50 different photographs will feature in the critique session, with members allocated three image submissions each. All photos presented will remain anonymous when being critiqued. You can enter images from any category of photography, and the critique will be videoed and shared with members.

Images submitted need to be (long side): 4000px

Send submissions to: joel@bipp.com

All images to be sent by: 20th February