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Become a member of The BIPP today, with two membership tiers offering a place for everyone, along with a variety of unrivalled member benefits, there's no better place to be than The BIPP in 2024.
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Why The BIPP?

When you become a member of The BIPP, you become a part of an internationally recognised qualifying organisation with over 120 years of experience supporting and networking professional photographers. As the oldest association for professional photographers, the Institute offers a challenging qualification structure, international networking, events & workshops, monthly & annual awards and a whole host of membership benefits.

A well regarded and respected organisation, BIPP is embedded in the history of the photography industry worldwide, which has led to photography associations around the globe replicating its well-respected qualification system. The qualification process is recognised by organisations such as the Defence School of Photography, MI6, the Metropolitan Police, Rolls Royce, Venture Studios, BAE Systems and numerous government departments and industry bodies.

Benefits built for you:

We asked why someone would want to become a member of an Institute, and then re-built the entire membership around those ideas. The result is a set of member benefits that have very little to do with what we want, as an organisation, and everything to do with what you want, as professionals.

For Marketing & Growth

A range of benefits which exist for the development of your skills, to result in marketing gold when completed successfully. These benefits are also aligned to self-development and continued professional development.


There are three qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, skill and achievement; Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship.

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FEP Membership

As a BIPP member, you also gain a membership with the Federation of European Photographers, providing even more benefits and ties to the wider international community.

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Monthly Digital Competition

To find the Photographer of the Year, and the team for the World Photographic Cup, the monthly digital competition runs for 10 months with prizegiving at the Annual Awards Ceremony.

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Membership Badges

As a BIPP member, you are permitted to use the relevant membership badges on your marketing materials, providing a recognisable body and in doing so, increasing the clients trust in you.

Annual Print Competition

The International Image of the Year accolade runs in traditional print competition format with a modern twist. Gain feedback along with titles in this epic annual event.

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A cornerstone of the membership, any member can request mentoring from some of the very best photographers operating within their niche, or they can request un-linked mentors for a new perspective. All qualifications usually begin with mentoring.

For Legal & Business

A range of benefits which exist for the sustainability and success of your business interests.

Resource Library

All past, present and future online recorded webinars and educational sessions live inside our member-only resource library.

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Legal Templates

Sample model releases and contracts are all available inside the members area to download immediately. 

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Free Legal Advice

As part of our membership offering, any professional or accredited member can call our legal partners for immediate legal advice.

Trade Discounts

We have a wide range of partners within the trade and almost all of them have generously given our members exclusive discounts and offers. Check the members area for more information. 

Business Insurance

As part of our memberships from 2023, public liability is included as standard to give you peace of mind. You can check your eligibility at the bottom of this page.

Business Guides

We have a range of helpful guides available to members which help to progress your business further and answer common client questions.

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For Social & Networking

A range of benefits which exist for the good of the industry. Docussing on networking and social interactions, these events and meet-ups are catalysts of life-long relationships.

The Annual Awards Ceremony

Held in the United Kingdom, the annual event is not one to miss. Our annual awards ceremony paired with talks and seminars, an exhibition and judges feedback – it’s not one to miss.

The Group

The Group is our Facebook group which is optional but usually holds all of our main news and announcements as well as a hive of member questions. 

Member Meet-ups

From Sip&BIPP to Shoot&BIPP, there’s something for everyone and anyone can organise a member meet-up in their area, both UK & abroad. Meet for drinks and nibbles or go for a photo-walk, the options are endless.

The Weekender

The Weekender crosses over into growth & development but is primarily a social event for like-minded photographers to come together, learn and make friends for life.

Zoom Coffee Mornings

Every Thursday, members meet for an informal chat on Zoom. Started in Covid lockdowns to escape social isolation, they’ve never stopped. Join one or all, it’s up to you.

The WhatsApp Regions

Anyone can request a WhatsApp Region to be created and they exist for both on-topic and off-topic chat and networking. 

For Enjoyment

Although all the member benefits are for enjoyment, there’s something special about this one…

The Photographer Magazine

As one of the longest running photographic magazines, the Photographer has been through many changes over the decades, but the quarterly volume never fails to impress.

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Membership Options:

When you become a member, there are two core tiers of membership, with those who complete qualifications moving up to Accredited Members. Accredited Membership and Professional Membership are the same value, though Accredited Photographers are free to use their title letters in correspondence and marketing, with the associated member badge.