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The BIPP community spans over 30 countries and contains thousands of professionals.
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Peers. Friends for life.

Over the last hundred years, the BIPP has been a home for professionals who work in isolating situations. By our very nature, creatives have some of the loneliest lives because we often work alone, spending hours in isolation and not venturing into social settings too often, unless we’re at work there too. 

Human contact, ideally in person but online as well, is key to mental well-being, and a sense of belonging is vital to happiness. Both you can find here. We have a range of online and in-person social and community options to suit everyone, from those who thrive on in-person interactions to those who loathe it. 

Of course, you get out exactly what you put in. Join the events we hold, the meet-ups our members organise and get involved in the Groups, both on Facebook and WhatsApp, to immerse yourself into the BIPP community from day one. Everyone is in the same shoes as you, so don’t be scared, we don’t bite!

Our community-based benefits

If we narrow in our sights on the member benefits that are community based, social in nature, or have direct interaction to peers, the list is staggering:

For Community & Socials

A range of benefits which exist for your social connections, community vibe and people to people interaction.

The Group

The Group is our Facebook group which is optional but usually holds all of our main news and announcements as well as a hive of member questions. 

Zoom Coffee Mornings

Every Thursday, members meet for an informal chat on Zoom. Started in Covid lockdowns to escape social isolation, they’ve never stopped. Join one or all, it’s up to you.

Member Meet-ups

From Sip&BIPP to Shoot&BIPP, there’s something for everyone and anyone can organise a member meet-up in their area, both UK & abroad. Meet for drinks and nibbles or go for a photo-walk, the options are endless.

The WhatsApp Regions

Anyone can request a WhatsApp Region to be created and they exist for both on-topic and off-topic chat and networking. 

The Weekender

The Weekender crosses over into growth & development but is primarily a social event for like-minded photographers to come together, learn and make friends for life.

The Annual Awards Ceremony

Held in the United Kingdom, the annual event is not one to miss. Our annual awards ceremony paired with talks and seminars, an exhibition and judges feedback – it’s not one to miss.


A cornerstone of the membership, any member can request mentoring from some of the very best photographers operating within their niche, or they can request un-linked mentors for a new perspective. All qualifications usually begin with mentoring.

Workshop Days

Although educational in nature, there is nothing better to find like-minded people than joining a workshop in-person.