May 2024 Results

The Results of the May 2024 Monthly Digital Competition can be found below:


Silver Gallery:

Silver Award (85 – 90): Images that achieve a Silver Award demonstrate high professional competency and artistic flair. Scoring in this band indicates that the work is of excellent quality, with impressive technical skills and creative thinking. These images stand out for their strong visual impact and precise execution.

Bronze Gallery:

Bronze (80 – 84): The Bronze Award is given to images that reflect an excellent professional photographic skill and creativity standard. These images are well-executed, displaying a solid understanding of photographic principles and an ability to apply them effectively.

Commended Gallery:

Commended (78 – 79): This scoring band is for images recognised for their quality and professionalism but do not quite reach the award-winning standard. These photographs show good skill and competence, with several elements executed well.