The BIPP has brought on two new directors, Jessica McGovern and Paul Reiffer, who, between them, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board. We look forward to their influence and support in shaping the future of the Institute. 

As some members are aware, Johanna Elizabeth has decided to step down as Chair of the Board and as a Board Director. The CEO and the Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Joanna for her service and time she has given over the last 15 months; it has been a very busy period for the Board of Directors. Johanna has been amazing in helping in all aspects of the role and creating a very successful business clinic, which has given so much value to our members.

About Jess: 

Jess is a Creative working in business, marketing and photography through her two successful businesses, a photography education platform and a marketing and design agency.
As a CIM Level 6 qualified multi-channel strategic marketer, established graphic designer, 2018 nominee for CodeGirls, one of Hull’s Inspirational Women in Tech and multi-award-winning Portrait Photographer, Jess is skilled across a wide variety of mediums and also works, trains and competes year-round in dog agility. A regular in board meetings for international organisations, you might also find her with her horse Tuna, hosting workshops, speaking on stages or judging photographic competitions.

About Paul:

Paul still holds on to his Kodak Disc 6000 8mm camera from his childhood, when his father had a dark room in the attic of his home on the south coast of England.
Having “gone corporate” for many of his early years, today he produces iconic landscapes and cityscape photography for some of the world’s best known brands – from international hotel chains and airlines to imaging clients such as National Geographic and IMAX.
As one of Phase One’s global ambassadors and teachers, he’s travelled for most of his photographic career, shooting ultra high-resolution medium-format images from some of the most stunning places around the world.