Our Heritage

Since its inception in 1901, the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) has been a cornerstone of the photography industry in the United Kingdom and overseas, shaping the standards, education, and professionalism that define the field today. With over a century of history, BIPP stands as a testament to the evolution of photography and the dedication of its practitioners.

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The Story


Established as the Professional Photographers’ Association, the organisation was founded in Anderton Hotel in Fleet St on 28th March 1901 with a vision to elevate the status of professional photographers within the workforce and unite them under a common banner. Branches were formed in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hull and Liverpool. 


By 1907 the membership stood at 757. The early years saw the association’s role expand beyond camaraderie, as it organised exhibitions, workshops, and seminars to advance photographic excellence throughout the industry.


While increasing its influence across the market, the Institute pushed further by producing its own photographic journal entitled The Record in 1922.


By 1951, the membership had reached 4100, comprised of some of the leading photographers across the globe, such as Yousuf Karsh, Baron and Cecil Beaton.


In 1956, the association underwent a transformative rebranding, becoming the British Institute of Professional Photography. This marked a turning point, solidifying BIPP’s commitment to professionalism and education. BIPP’s role expanded to include certifying and qualifying photographers, ensuring they met the highest standards of competence and ethics. It also hosted grand events that brought members, international guests, and speakers at the forefront of the photographic world together.


As the industry embraced technological advancements, BIPP pivoted to incorporate digital photography into its curriculum. The institute’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation led to the integration of digital techniques, ensuring photographers remained relevant in a changing landscape. As technology revolutionised the industry, the BIPP continued to broaden its membership across all photographic practices, bringing the industry’s scientific, technical, and creative professionals into one photographic association.


With thanks to John Henshall, information about the very first online presence has become available for the archives. 

There is no definitive date for the BIPP website as it evolved slowly. The screenshot shown below is from the 2002 version. But to begin with, the BIPP website was just lodging on John’s company’s website. John also secured the bipp.com website domain at this time too.


The dawn of the new millennium saw BIPP continue to adapt its offerings to match the demands of the digital age. Courses on post-processing, digital manipulation, and online portfolio management became cornerstones of the institute’s educational efforts. BIPP’s certifications became synonymous with professionalism and proficiency.


In the face of contemporary challenges posed by technological shifts and societal changes, BIPP remained a steadfast guide for photographers. The institute addressed current debates on image rights, diversity, and sustainability, reinforcing its commitment to responsible and ethical photography practices. 

Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic as a membership family was an important moment to note. As the world outside spun into chaos, the BIPP worked to maintain stability and connections for members.


In 2023, nearly 50 years after the last major change, the BIPP rebranded once more with a refreshed face to place it firmly in the market for the future. The BIPPs new face aligns more closely with the entire membership and provides an approachable and authoritative image for the general public and potential members alike. 

The much-needed refresh was implemented alongside a true shift in direction and changes to member benefits, aligning more closely with the organisation ethos. Like all organisations navigating the social media and high-consumption era of visual media, the alterations were essential and the BIPP is now ready to take the membership into the coming years of digital and societal change. 


As we stand on the threshold of the future, BIPP remains dedicated to fostering a community of skilled photographers, nurturing their creativity, and empowering their professional journeys. With a storied past as a foundation, BIPP is poised to continue shaping the ever-evolving world of photography.

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For a much more detailed history of the BIPP, you can refer to the book written by a member, John Hannavy, titled Images of a Century: The Centenary of the British Institute of Professional Photography 1901-2001.