The top 10 images in each of the World Photographic Cup’s six categories and the Best of Nation Awards 2022 winners have been revealed during Imaging USA 2022. Hundreds of people watched the event in person on Monday 17th January at Imaging USA,  and several thousand with friends or family in their watch parties or homes around the world. 

We like to give congratulations to Tracey Lund (Nature) for winning Best of Nation for Team United Kingdom in the World Photographic Cup. And also Tim Wallace (Commercial) and Peter Rooney (Illustration) for getting in the top ten finalists in their categories for Team United Kingdom. The final winners will be announced at the end of March.

Also, a big thanks to Richard Bradbury for assembling this year’s WPC team from the BIPP membership.

Learn more about the World Photographic Cup:

La Ferrari © Tim Wallace

Shark © Peter Rooney

Osprey with Catch © Tracey Lund