Welcome to our exciting launch of a new competition, the ‘BIPP Challenge’, supported by our eminent Fellows!

The challenge is aimed to push members out of their comfort zone through fortnightly challenges set by different BIPP Fellows.
Each ‘challenge’ covers a particular theme chosen by them.

All images need to be sent to Editor and Communication Manager Joel Hansen, via email joel@bipp.com by the deadline of each challenge.
The image needs to have been create DURING the challenge window.

The Fellow running each challenge will be providing a written critique to those who enter.
These will be shared on our FB group, for those who would love to see!

The winner of each challenge will be announced at the end of each one.
The prize: is a mention in the magazine and acknowledgement at the National Awards.

We will also be judging an ‘overall’ winner, at the same event!

You have to be in it, to win it! Will you be our winner of BIPP Challenge 2022?


28th Feb – 14th March
Fellow – Martin Grahame-Dunn

Putting “Art” into Photography

Be inspired by the work of an Artist or Artists of your choice. Try to emulate their handling of directional light, colour palette and perhaps costume and props.
As an example, think of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood who took themes from Classical Romantiscism.
Get it?
Your task is to create me a ‘Fine Art’ portrait of a person or persons that shows me an understanding of Art and the use of a camera and retouching techniques in the stead of a canvas, brushes and paints.
Simple eh?

Hi, I’m Martin Grahame-Dunn FBIPP.
I’ve been privileged with over 40 years in Professional Photography, coming from a real ‘Fine Art’ background which has given me a depth of knowledge, combined with the sciences, psychology and esoteric thought processes of Geometry, Optics, Ethics and of course, Photography.
I’ve also had vast experience in Judging and Chairing National and International Image Awards as well as teaching and inspiring image makers all over the globe, having a ‘worldwide’ perspective that transcends national & domestic borders and taking into account the vast differences in cultural and social conditions.