The Board of Directors and the CEO are thrilled to announce the appointment of Jeff Brown as the incoming President of our esteemed Institute. Jeff’s expertise in photography is unparalleled, having honed his skills during his 10-year tenure in the navy, and later as a successful entrepreneur.

Following his military service, Jeff co-founded a wedding photography partnership with another ex-military photographer, utilising their resettlement grants to invest heavily in marketing and branding training. This passion for marketing eventually led Jeff to develop a highly successful photography marketing programme, which he continues to implement in his current mentoring business, spanning over 22 countries. He is also a prolific author, having written several books aimed at helping photographers develop successful businesses.

As our new President, Jeff plans to leverage his vast experience and expertise to inspire and support our members, as we embark on a renewed directive as a professional photography association.

On speaking to Jeff about the new role, he says:

“I want to use my position as President to help and inspire our members, as the BIPP takes itself on a new direction to become the professional association for success, the professional association that gives its members the knowledge, the tools and the know-how to reach their goals, charge their worth and build the business of their dreams.”

In addition to his presidential duties, Jeff will be hosting the ever-popular business clinic, featuring a line-up of distinguished guest speakers. We look forward to Jeff’s leadership and the exciting new opportunities he brings to our organisation.