Here’s a glimpse of our remarkable achievements:

Stats: Over 3000 images from 31 countries were submitted to this amazing competition, with 300+ photographers participating, which makes the below awards even more impressive.

123 Individual Image Awards: Our talented members demonstrated an immense amount of skill and creativity, earning an impressive number of individual image awards.

Top Rankings: Nationally, BIPP secured the 4th position, a testament to the outstanding quality of our photographers’ work. (Although there isn’t an official league table, our dedicated members have worked it out for us!)

Notable Accolades: The highlights included two Gold and one Silver Camera awards for Arun Mohanraj, as well as a Bronze Camera for Jessica McGovern (FBIPP). Congratulations to Arun and Jess for their remarkable achievements!

Finalists: We also had several finalists, including Barrie Spence (FBIPP, MQEP), Colin Brister (ABIPP), Tracey Lund (FBIPP), Peter Rooney (FBIPP), David Taylor (FBIPP), Neil McKellar, representing BIPP across various categories.

Diverse Recognition: Our members received recognition across a wide range of awards, including Fiona Spence (ABIPP), Katie McCormick, Jonathan Génevaux, Dave Dodge (LBIPP), Andrew Plant (LBIPP), Helen Spiegl (LBIPP), Raymond Davies (LBIPP), Lauren Irving (ABIPP), Art of the Fairy Tale (Lorna Griffiths) (ABIPP).

The prestigious event took place in Ålesund, Norway, underscoring the FEP Awards’ commitment to celebrating excellence in photography across Europe. The choice of location and dates was aligned with the national awards of our member organisation, NFF.

Congratulations, Barrie, on this wonderful accomplishment!

We extend massive congratulations to all our winners, finalists, and participants for their outstanding contributions to the field of professional photography. We are incredibly proud of all your achievements!